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virgins4life's Journal

Virgins for Life
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Tired of being told that abstinence doesn't work? Tired of having everyone gang up on you for being pro-life? Join us - virgins4life.

For the time-being all membership requests will be moderated, but posts will not be.

Membership Requirements:

You don't have be from any particular religion or political party to join. Nor do you have to be a virgin per se, because we'd have one heck of a time proving that before accepting membership. This community is mainly for people who have a strong conviction in favor of the pro-life movement (regardless of any religious affiliation or sexual history) and who believe that abstinance (while not the only way to avoid pregnancy) is in fact the only birth control with a 100% guarantee and should therefore be supported as the best form of "birth control" available.


1. No flaming.
2. Keep the language clean folks.
3. No jokes about the community name - there weren't very many pro-life-related names to choose from. Any such comments/posts will be deleted.
4. Show respect
5. Comments must reflect the post in question